Data Mining Solutions to Optimize Profit
Make decisions faster and more objectively with our integrated E&P data mining solutions

Solutions & Services

Fluid Flood Optimization (FFO)
An integrated data mining process to help improve oil production, better manage injection, and shorten the recovery time of field under enhanced recovery utilizing data mining techniques to model relationships between injection and oil production from field production history and to design the injection allocation that will optimize the total field production in a timely and cost effective manner.
Automated Opportunities Screening (AOS)
An integrated data mining system to:
  • Automate the calculation of reserves from production history
  • Manage oil field assets by identifying trends in asset performance and potential
  • Screen for potential infill drilling locations
  • Screen and prioritize workover candidates
  • Discover characteristics of high potential producing assets and identify opportunities for acquisitions or divestitures
  • E&P Portfolio Optimization (POP)
    An integrated data mining solution to optimize the NPV of E&P projects portfolio by screening and generating portfolio efficient frontier based on business objectives and constraints.
    Consulting and Services
    Provide consulting services on applications of our integrated solutions as well as client-specific applications, development and training of data mining technologies. Our team of experts are capable of helping uncover opportunities for your oil and gas business using our cutting edge data mining tools and industry expertise.