Data Mining Solutions to Optimize Profit
Enabling powerful technologies integrated into ready-to-use E&P solutions


Data mining is a computerized process of extracting previously unknown and important actionable knowledge from large databases. The abundance of data collected in the oil and gas industry creates a ripe opportunity for upstream firms to capitalize with data mining. Business benefits of data mining technologies include:
  • Turns data into actionable knowledge
  • Improves the quality of business decisions
  • Improves the timeliness of business decisions
  • Identifies opportunities with the most potential
  • Identifies previously undiscovered business opportunities
  • Improves company’s competitive edge & profitability
  • Data Visualization
    Data Visualization
    Our data visualization turns data into an information landscape, a simple, intuitive 3D picture of the data which helps identify exceptions, anomalies, trends, patterns and relationship in the data .
    Example applications: (1) visualize and identify production trend (spatial, time), (2) injection influence, (3) anomalies such as water break-through, (4) critical operating factors for work over and infill drilling candidates.
    Regression Tree
    Regression Tree Analysis
    Our probabilistic-regression-tree approach helps in the discovery of relationships/rules/patterns from data in the database.
    Example applications: discover relationships between (1) successful work overs and well performance attributes, (2) successful infill drillling and field operating parameters, (3) well/field EURs and geological/reservoir characteristics.
    Fuzzy Logic
    Fuzzy Logic
    Our fuzzy screening techniques help screen for analogs from databases and rank them according to user-defined criteria. The fuzzy screening has its unique capabilities of dealing with imprecision, ambiguity and uncertainty in the database. Example applications: screening for (1) acquisition opportunities, (2) well work over candidates, (3) infill drilling locations.
    Neural Network
    Neural Networks
    Our neural network modeling helps learn and discover complex patterns and relationships in the database using numerical methods patterned after the human neurological system.
    Example applications: predictive modeling of (1) water injections and productions, (2) steam quality of steam flood, (3) field EUR from geological attributes, (4) HC source potential, (5) reservoir quality.
    Genetic Algorithm
    Genetic Algorithm
    Our genetic algorithm, a powerful optimization technique inspired by the process of natural evolution, is used to optimize the most complex models and relationships learned from the data
    Example applications: (1) production optimization of water flood, (2) production optimization of gas lift wells.